A fashion trend led by Victoria

During the reign of Queen Victoria, Great Britain was at its peak with the most powerful empire. Economics and culture during that period were prosperous. This also translated in fashion; the Queen Victoria era is now referred to as the ‘beginning of fashion.’ Rich women in that era used to wear different layers of beautiful dresses, enriched by ruffles, lace, and jewelry. The clothes showed women’s place in society. The accent was put on the waistline and often they used corsets for getting a smaller waist. From this style, a particular type became popular, which is the gothic Victorian dress.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at a gothic victorian dress.

A gothic dress is made of pure cotton, black color, and has many layers. The skirt is long and has volume, contrasting very well with the upper part of the dress, which fits on your torso. The waistline is contoured by an eye-catching element, such as a bow. The collar is high, with many ruffles on the edges, and the sleeves are long. The dress has numerous lace elements, which provide it an elegant and sophisticated touch. This dress is very stylish, with a dramatic effect. It is an outstanding dress that will steal all the attention.

victorian gothic dresses

Gothic Victorian dresses emphasize drama. These dresses appeared because Queen Victoria mourned after her last husband and cast the black color to all the nation. This is how this became a fashion style and bring us the gothic dresses, with long sleeves and high neck collars. These dresses are adequated for different occasions, adding a bit of drama but yet a glamorous, elegant effect. Gothic wedding dresses make a statement and are ideal for women who like this particular style. Nowadays, gothic style dresses are reinterpreted and have a modern twist. Old Victorian dresses are now revived in new ways, making them an actual and popular choice. These dresses inspire romantic drama, but they are not all black colored. They are also white models, blue or pink, depending on the statement you want to make. You can achieve an innocent look with a bit of drama, by choosing one of the white gothic wedding dresses, for example. You will find several gothic dresses reinterpreted to suit your style and make you look amazing.

victorian gothic dresses

A white gothic dress has a V-shape neckline, keeping your shoulders and neck exposed. The accent is also put on the waistline in a corset that will slim the waist and create a beautiful contrast with the voluminous skirt. Many flounces and lace elements increase the volume of the skirt. This type of dress is exceptionally refined, providing an elegant look while accents your feminine traits. The focus is on the waist and neckline, making an outstanding effect.

Sometimes the skirt volume is increased by a crinoline, which will add extra size and a beautiful image. The crinoline will help to create an hourglass silhouette effect, accentuating the hips and evidence the small waist obtained by using a corset. The dresses like this are made with satin, lace and are designed with many ruffles. This design is precious and sophisticated and emphasizes the waist but also the cleavage. The cleavage area is enriched by a piece of jewelry, like a brooch out in the center, making all outfits more precious.

You also have the possibility of choosing a gothic Victorian dress with less volume of the skirt, like Gothic off the shoulder black lace and velvet victorian dress model. This model is exquisite and has unique and precious details. This dress has off the shoulders design for a romantic and feminine look. In the middle of the cleavage has beautiful, valuable jewelry and lace details, which contrast beautifully with the velvet area they are surrounded. The velvet is continued until the middle of the skirt, forgetting all the attention in the waistline and hips. Due to the black velvet used, it will create a fantastic effect by slimming this area. The skirt continues with lace layers and volume. Lace details are also present on the arm, for a more dramatic effect. It is an enchanting gothic dress that will grab all the attention.

victorian gothic dresses

You can also find a very modern dress inspired by gothic victorian, like the Astrology series gothic black strapless short dress. It is a short black dress, with a volume skirt and short sleeves. On the cleavage has lovely moon decoupage, which will accent this area and create a bit of drama. It is a perfect choice if you desire a gothic victorian dress with a modern twist. Your legs will be shown in a lovely way, and due to the volume of the skirt, they will look perfect.

victorian gothic dresses

Other modern choices are gothic skirts. They are black, available in different types: long, short, or middle length, according to your style. They are made of satin, velvet, or cotton and they have beautiful elements such as ruffles, corset-like parts, lace details, which makes them a showstopper for any occasion. These skirts have an outstanding design that will add drama and elegant notes to your overall outfit. My personal favorite gothic skirt is the gothic slim black ruffle big fishtail floor-length skirt. This skirt has a wonderful design, eye-catching. It is made with polyester, which adds a light shining effect. On the center has an over the edge embroidery, and from this embroidery, the design falls gently marked by ruffles with lace elements until it touches the ground. This gothic skirt has front decoupage, which will show very nicely your legs and shoes. For a dramatic and interesting effect, the skirt has a train that falls gently on the ground. It is a precious skirt, which is also glamorous while providing that romantic drama.

victorian gothic dresses

Regarding the gothic wedding dresses, my personal favorite is the Gothic Black and Champagne Color Tulle and Lace. It is a beautiful dress, exquisite and unique, due to its materials, tulle, and lace; it is a showstopper. The mix of colors, black, and champagne, creates a sophisticated overall look. This dress has a beautiful neckline and a back decollete, enriched by lace details, making it sensual. The upper part is slim, fit on the body, and the skirt is voluminous, with many layers of tulle, creating a fantastic effect. This dress helps you achieve a great look, which will grab all the attention and make you feel memorable and sexy.

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victorian gothic dresses

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